Short bio

I am a Senior Machine Learning Scientist working on creating new solutions for AWS SageMaker and managing a team of scientists doing research on Continual Learning. I also organize the AutoML Seminars in collaboration with Aaron Kelin, Arber Zela and Jovita Lukasik with the support of the ELLIS units Berlin and Freiburg.

Previously I worked on exporation/exploitation methods for recommendation systems. Those solutions were deployed in several experiences within Amazon Music, most notably the ranking of content on the homepage and the selection of playable entities based on customers’ queries for the Alexa experience.

Before joining Amazon I have been PhD Student in Applied Mathematics, at University of Milan (Italy) under the supervision of Prof. Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi. During my PhD I also had the the opportunity to collaborate closely with Prof. Claudio Gentile and Fabio Vitale.

Something that you cannot find on my LinkedIn profile: some my jokes have been selected for this book.


(see the profiles below for new papers/pre-prints)

  • You can now speedup your HPO/NAS jobs using RUSH. An implementation of the algorithm has been added to the SyneTune library (kudos to Martin for that).
  • We created a YouTube channel for the AutoML seminars were you can find the video of the most recent talks. Check it out here.


Preprints are available on my Arxiv profile.

You can also find my most recent papers on my Google Scholar profile.